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Welcome to the Plymouth city of Sanctuary

***Please note, Plymouth City of Sanctuary is currently inactive. If you are interested in re-starting this group, please contact [email protected]***

Plymouth has a long tradition of not only being a welcoming city, but also a dispersal city for asylum seekers and refugees. We have a proud history of supporting those fleeing conflict and natural disaster from around the world. Now, recognised as a City of Sanctuary, we aim to ensure this historical and hospitable tradition continues for many years to come. We will uphold and be proactive in ensuring that Plymouth is an inclusive, supporting and welcoming city for ALL seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom.

Who are we?

Plymouth City of Sanctuary consists of representatives from the local community and various organisations. We have come together to create a city that welcomes refugees and promotes a culture of acceptance and inclusion. We intend to work with and within the wider community of Plymouth to achieve our aims.

What we do?

We aim to ensure the local community of Plymouth works together to generate, grow and enrich the day to day relationships with all who are dispersed to the city, who settle here and those who live, visit and work in the city. City of Sanctuary represents opportunities at grass roots level for us all to grow as one compassionate, welcoming and integrated community by welcoming refugees and asylum seekers arriving or already living in Plymouth.

In simple terms, we do this by bringing organisations, businesses, individuals and the community together to provide practical support through community projects and events, raising awareness and campaigning for social justice therefore contributing to the wider, national movement of the City of Sanctuary.